Leveraging our underutilized workforce.

The Women’s Bridge Initiative creates better jobs for better tomorrows by promoting and enacting policies, procedures and opportunities to help women overcome the obstacle of low-wage employment.

Through long-term partnerships between Arizona’s elected, non-profit and business leaders, the Women’s Bridge Initiative seeks to reduce the number of working women earning the federal minimum wage by 25 percent by the year 2020. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2013, 58,000 hourly workers in Arizona earned the minimum wage. Women comprise 60 percent of those workers.

Here’s how you can join the Women’s Bridge Initiative:

1. Join AWEE’s growing list of trusted partners to make an impact on a woman’s life, creating better tomorrows for her, her family and her community.

2. Work directly through your business
to help women overcome obstacles and transform their lives.

3. Identify and enact policies and procedures
to provide the resources, help and support women need to be connected with the right position for her.


4. Share stories of success that were possible because of generous people like you in the community.


To take action, please contact catherinealonzo@awee.org.