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Arizona Women’s Education and Employment Staff

Central Office Location

Brad Harris

Brad Harris, CAP®

Interim Executive Director
Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Toni Davis, Program Director, CLASS

Toni Davis

Program Director
Climbing Ladders Achieving Success and Security

Becky Gaspar, Financial Director

Becky Gaspar

Financial Consultant

Amber Higgins, Operations Director

Amber Higgins

Operations Director

Trina Jenkins, Program Director, WIOA

Trina Jenkins

Program Director


Eric Belmar


Holly Bowen, Staff Accountant

Holly Bowen

Staff Accountant

Jaclyn Boyes, Career Navigator

Jaclyn Boyes

Business Services Lead

Laura F

Laura Fisher

Career Supervisor- Bankwork$™

Cheri Foschi, Instructor BankWork$

Cheri Foschi


Tasha Glover 2

Tasha Glover

Mentee Advisor

Allie Kaufman, Programs Assistant, AWEE

Allie Kaufman

Program Assistant

Annie Khuu, Accounting Clerk

Annie Khuu

Accounting Clerk

Manny Lucero, Development Coordinator

Manny Lucero

Development Coordinator

Dana Riddel, Volunteer Coordinator

Dana Riddel

Volunteer Coordinator

Erin Sheahan, Career Advisor

Erin Sheahan

Career Advisor

Laura S

Laura Suarez

Small Business Specialist

Simone Terry, Instructor

Simone Terry


Melanie Wiggins, QA_Data Analyist

Melanie Wiggins

Computer Information Systems Analyst

AWEE Staff 4-29-16 3 Skip Wilkins

Skip Wilkins


Sunnyslope Office Location

Karen Lynch, Education Coordinator

Karen Lynch

Education Coordinator


Tanya Marez, Job Coach_Retention Specialist

Tanya Marez

Job Coach
Retention Specialist

Terri Shaw, Career Advisor

Terri Shaw

Career Advisor