Letter from the CEO – June 2015


Dear AWEE Stakeholder,

When it comes to fund raising, there’s a lot of noise out there.

Some good: As the recession lifted, poor and middle class Americans gave more to charity, even though they were earning less (Chronicle of Philanthropy).

Some bad: wealthy Americans earned more, but the portion of income they gave to charity declined (Chronicle of Philanthropy).

Some confusing: Even though wealthier Americans donated a smaller share of their income, the total amount they gave increased by $4.6-billion to hit $77.5-billion in 2012 using inflation-adjusted dollars (Chronicle of Philanthropy).

On average, Americans give about 3 percent of their income to charity, a figure that hasn’t changed much in decades.

“…we know that money invested in AWEE changes lives through

the dignity of work.”

According to The National Council on Nonprofits (NCN), “nonprofit leaders’ biggest challenge for 2015 remains finding resources, including raising the money needed to sustainably advance nonprofit missions” despite increasing needs in the community that “will continue to outpace the nonprofit sector’s current capability to meet those needs.”

To continue as an economic driver, particularly in the face of shrinking dollars, AWEE must creatively adapt to marketplace trends affecting how we contribute to and strengthen the employment sector pipeline. And that includes understanding the changing face of donors and how they donate.

But the underlying motivation for donors, and the resulting response from nonprofit agencies is unchanged. “If someone is inspired enough to care by supporting charity then charities can help inspire them to believe that their support will bring about real change. It is important that all donors are reassured that the money they donate is wisely spent.” (ICENI Strengthening Families blog – UK).

In our case, we know that money invested in AWEE changes lives through the dignity of work.

And that’s why your financial contribution is so critical to

* create real change,

* generate opportunities and

* inspire success.

Your investment in the women and men we serve pays significant dividends every single day in both human and economic terms. That is, indeed, money well spent. Visit www.awee.org today to make a gift of any amount.

Thank You.

Marie A. Sullivan
President & CEO

Letter from the CEO – June 2015